How to contribute

How to help and contribute to the Football Haiku World Cup project

1. Please contribute a football haiku for publication in the ebook and, later, printed book. There are examples of football haiku by Matthew Paul at the main FHWC website, and there are other examples to help inspire you at the Sample Foothaiku website. Please send your football haiku to as soon as possible.

2. Become a patron or supporter of the project and provide either moral support or financial support or both. There is full information on how to do this at the haiku patronage website. Please contact We are open to patronage and support from individuals as well as organisations.

3. If you work in the media, please feature the project in a news or feature article or story. Please contact for more. If you do not work in the media but have contacts or friends who do, please pass word of the project on to them. We are open to media contact from all around the world.

4. Please mention the project at your blogs and websites. In exchange for a link to our project we will give you a link at our websites and in our ebook.

5. Please join us at social networking sites. Please join the Facebook fanpage and please invite all your Facebook friends to it and ask them to invite their friends. Please also follow us at Twitter and ask your friends to follow us too. In return we will follow you.

6. If you can think of an intelligent way that we can spread the word about the project - for example a clever technological addition - please send over the idea to We will be delighted to hear from you.

7. If you work for a literary organisation, philanthropic organisation, sporting organisation or so on, we would love to hear from you and would love your ideas on the creation of events to help the project. Please contact
Image: Hiroshige picture from the Jim Breen gallery